Mining – a Part of My Life

Time is passing. Most of us might not even realize it. I would like to enjoy the time as much as I can, from moment to moment. My work has brought me a lot of colorful moments, not necessarily easy ones but I appreciate most of them as they are parts of my life.

As the time might be a continuous flow, I try to recall/capture the moments and put them here for me to remember before all the memories are fading away, for my family to appreciate what I have been doing in my profession, for my friends who are/were walking along with me in this path of life and for others who might benefit from it.

All things are changing constantly, nature, our body, and our mind. Nothing is permanent. Capturing the moment of the changing can be quite interesting and enjoyable.

Baci Ceremony
Blessed by Soutchai’s Grandmother in a Lao/Thai traditional Baci ceremony, in my farewell on 27 August 2006, Villaboully Village, Savannakhet, Lao PDR.

Perth, Western Australia

Posted in Facebook Note on 22 December 2008.

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